The top internet radio stations for 2020 (part 2)

WWOZ 90.7 FM – New Orleans

WWOZ offers up the sounds of its lovely city to the whole world, showcasing New Orleans’ famous jazz, bounce, soul, and R&B each day. Its selections center largely around the jazz tradition, which is still alive in the city, providing an amazing look inside one of the most interesting and storied sonic universes in the world.

WFMU 91.1 FM – New Jersey

WFMU is the longest-running independent radio station in the U.S. and is also one of the best internet radio stations on the internet. This listener-funded station provides a free-form variety of eclectic shows that can provide something for anyone. This free-form formatting can a blessing and a curse.

KUTX 98.9 FM – Austin, Texas

KUTX is owned and operated by the University of Texas in Austin. The radio station showcases a wide range of genre-specific programming, from indie and pop to Latin, disco, and many other genres. It is an eclectic mix of shows, which are each extremely vibrant and well-curated. That helps it become an excellent place to find something new that you haven’t expected.

Dublab – Los Angeles

Dublab is an internet-only broadcast showcasing the cutting edge of the DJ world five days a week. Dublab also offers live show for download via its website. With a rotating cast of all-star DJs including world-renowned heavyweights such as Daedelus, Flying Lotus, Teebs, and more, this station is one of the best streams for fans of emerging beat music.

BBC Radio 6 – United Kingdom

Launched in 2002, BBC Radio 6 is the first new station created by the BBC in more than 30 years. It is a digital-only channel focusing on alternative music from all over the world. Radio 6 plays everything from guitar music to jazz, dance, and soul cuts. The BBC’s mobile apps are only available for those living in the U.K.; however, everyone else can head to the website for a listen.