The Five Top Ranked Sports Radio Stations in the United States

Sports radio remains immensely popular and ultimately sports radio is entertainment nowadays. Particularly, since sports become increasingly national and sports talk remains locally driven, local sports talk radio is an interesting regionalization.

One of the most amazing things that local sports talk radio provides is a window into each region’s collective sports psyche. And when it comes to sports, there are a tremendous amount of regional difference. Unlike in television where ratings are instantly released, radio ratings are hard to find.  In this article, let’s discover which sports radio stations dominate their local markets the most and which are the highest rated in the United States? Here are five of them.

1. Detroit WXVT 8.9

Detroit WXVT 8.9 is a massive radio station. It reflects how dominant WXVT is the city of Detroit and how engaged the city was to the Tigers world series run.

2. Nashville WGFX 6.8

Nashville WGFX 6.8is a consistently high-rated radio station as well, frequently owning the top position in the nation itself. It dominates all competition and produces a 7 to 1 ratings advantage over the closest station in the market.

3. San Francisco KNBR 6.1

San Francisco KNBR 6.1 offers sports fans a good option to tune into the station’s general sports coverage, popular personalities, as well as game broadcasts for the San Francisco Giants and San Francisco 49ers.

4. New York City WFAN 3.2

The sports talk station that began it all, WFAN 3.2 is the top-rated in New York City and surrounding areas.

5. Boston WEEI 2.8

It can be said that Boston is the most competitive sports talk radio market in the United States. But even if you combine the two Boston radio stations, they still just equal Nashville. WEEI runs The Sports Hub in the 6-7 p.m. hour.