Best 2020 internet radios devices

If you want to listen to a football podcast or music in the kitchen, in the bedroom or in the backyard, internet radio is a perfect alternative.

Unlike conventional FM radios, the best internet radios give you access to thousands of stations to choose from. Would you want a troubadour jazz? Hungarian hip-hop, huh? Or is the pygmy skiffle more than your cup of tea? Chances are there’s a station out there for you.

And while many internet stations can differ wildly in consistency, these radios are not. Below we have picked our favorite internet radios from a wide variety of manufacturers, so you can choose the right one at a price that fits your wallet.

Roberts Stream 94i

Roberts has an impressive track record when it comes to radios, and this is another excellent record (winner of ‘Best Radio over £100’ at the 2020 Whose Hi-Fi Awards). You get FM and DAB, Bluetooth, link via LAN to digital music files and builed-in Spotify Link as well as internet radio (over wireless or Ethernet). And you’re not too short of listening to choices.

It’s a very fun listening experience, too with a thorough midrange that’s fizzing with warmth. The audio is balanced, and manages rhythms confidently, so expect a mature show, whether you’re blowing out hip-hop or tuning in a talk radio. It’s everything you might expect from the internet radio, plus more.

Unless you object to Roberts’ retro theme, this model should go right to the top of your chart. Ok, Bravo, Roberts.

Roberts Revival iStream 3

The iStream 3 has been around since 2018, but it remains one of the best internet radios we’ve ever reviewed. There are still no keys to listening. You will access Tidal, Amazon prime music and Deezer in addition to the above features in Stream 94i (providing you have subscriptions to them, of course). It’s quite a modern day wireless though it may look vintage.

Sonically, it is really rich and humid, relying on the medium – crucial when you’re listening to the radio’s vocal-heavy medium. There is also tremendous rhythmic stamina and a strong feeling of sonic organisation, which separates this radio from the crowd.

The Stream 94i has a better value and sounds more complete, although some people may prefer the Revival iStream 3 appearance. Listen at this price is extremely fun.

Revo SuperConnect

If you put the word ‘Super’ in your name, it’s easier for the product to be something special. Luckily, the Revo SuperConnect is just that. You’ll get a complete suite of networking solutions, including wi-fi, Bluetooth aptX, and Spotify Link, and it’s easy to use thanks to a transparent OLED screen and a wide control dial.

And the sound, huh? Impressively weighty, with a serious scale of authority, without a trace of harshness or light. Often it could be a little too heavy-that bass might do with being reined in a little bit. However it’s a perfect choice for those searching for the right internet radios.